Build Diary: 3.02.24 Ben's Guitar and the Korina Blackguard

Build Diary: 3.02.24 Ben's Guitar and the Korina Blackguard

Ben's Guitar

Starting a custom guitar build always involves a thoughtful selection of materials and a deep understanding of the client's needs. For Ben's guitar, intended for his band "If I'm Lucky," we aimed for a unique blend of smooth sound and visual appeal. He chose Daphne Blue, a color with roots in a 1958 Cadillac, setting a classic yet fresh tone for the instrument. We opted for an alder body for its smooth finish and paired it with a roasted maple neck and fingerboard, ensuring a sleek and comfortable feel. The neck features a subtle flame, adding a touch of elegance that will shine through its final polish.

For the pickups, we selected the RAF2 model from Righteous Sound, they have an insanely broad dynamic range and the ability to deliver crisp, clear tones alongside a robust snarl when needed

Korina Blackguard

This guitar is set to join our inventory as a demo model, designed to echo the revered Fender Telecaster series with a touch of modernity. It will have a vintage amber finish over Korina wood, complemented by a black pickguard and chrome hardware, aiming to capture a classic vibe. The neck's flame and a Macassar ebony fretboard add to its sophisticated appearance.

While I'm leaning toward Righteous Sound's Spatarmond pickups to enhance its vintage character, the final decision is still pending, reflecting the iterative process of finding the perfect match between looks and sound...

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