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Celestial Instruments | Rick Molloy

Refurbished Guitar Customization Deposit - $500

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$500.00 USD
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$500.00 USD

Reserve your piece of musical heritage with a $500 deposit for a custom-refurbished guitar at Celestial Instruments. Choose from an array of iconic models, each with its own story and style:

  • Gibson L6S: in well aged Natural or Black
  • Gibson ES125: Red or Cherry Burst
  • Supro Dual Tone - David Bowie Edition: in mint condition
  • Silvertone 1446: Timeless and well aged Black

Starting at $2,000, your deposit begins a meticulous transformation process, with each guitar receiving:

  • New Aged Hardware: Premium quality, aged to match the guitar’s vintage essence.
  • Bridge and Nut Replacement: Upgraded for improved sustain and tonal clarity.
  • Stainless Steel Frets: Durable, dressed, and expertly leveled to accommodate your desired string gauge.
  • Custom Fretboard: New fretboards come with a recommended 7-20" compound radius, customizable to your playing preference.

Before your deposit, we encourage a consultation with Rick to finalize your guitar’s specifications and price. This ensures a perfect match for your musical needs and style. The refurbishment lead time varies from 1-6 months, influenced by the specific work and hardware choices involved.

Our process doesn't just refurbish; it revitalizes and enhances. We're not only reviving the guitar’s past glory but also equipping it for a new life on stage or in the studio. Let’s co-create a guitar that's not just an instrument, but a partner in your musical journey."

In addition to the details already included, you might consider highlighting the following to make it even more compelling:

  • Personalized Setup: Emphasize the personalized setup service, ensuring that the guitar is ready to play right out of the box, tailored to the customer's playing style and preferences.
  • Quality Assurance: Mention a final quality check by Rick himself, ensuring that each guitar meets high standards of performance and aesthetics.
  • After-Sales Support: Include information about after-sales support or advice, indicating ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Historical Connection: Briefly note the history or legacy of each guitar model, adding a sense of connection to the musical past.
  • Visual Documentation: Offer to provide progress updates or photos during the refurbishment process, engaging the customer in their guitar's transformation journey.