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Celestial Instruments | Rick Molloy

Reserve Your Custom Celestial Instrument

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$500.00 USD
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$500.00 USD

Begin your custom guitar journey with a deposit at Celestial Instruments. Here, we deeply understand the special connection between a musician and their guitar. Collaborate with Rick to craft a guitar that's not just an instrument, but a reflection of you. Each Celestial guitar is a unique blend of your vision and our expertise.

The customization process starts with your ideas and preferences. With a dedicated crafting period of 3 - 6 months, we focus on precision and excellence in every detail.

Upon placing your deposit, we will contact you to delve into the specifics of your custom guitar. From handpicking the finest woods to selecting the ideal finishes and hardware, we tailor every aspect to meet your exact needs.

If you haven't yet discussed your vision with Rick, we encourage you to do so before placing your deposit. This ensures that we can fully realize the guitar you envision.

Embrace the journey of creating an instrument that resonates with your personal style and sound. Together, let's turn your dream guitar into reality at Celestial Instruments.